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This Week at Woodshed - December 14th

This Week at Woodshed - December 14th

What a beautiful, sunny week we've enjoyed on our little island. We are cooking up a storm in the kitchen this week, making so many soups! It's definitely soup season.

This week for our pre-order menu, we are making a lovely curried squash and apple soup with roasted local harvest squash, warming spices, and Winter apples. This soup is perfect just as it is, but it is also lovely garnished with a dollop of good plain greek yogurt. We're also making an elegant, French-country-inspired lentil soup with local swiss chard and parsley.

Our classic French onion soup made with our house-made and 24-hour simmered beef bone broth is also on the pre-order menu, ready to eat on its own or with a bit of olive oil, toasted bread, and gruyere cheese. We have 200-gram pieces of our favourite gruyere available to purchase this week to go with the soup!

We're also making a lovely French potato salad with late-harvest B.C. nugget potatoes, dijon vinaigrette, and herbs from our garden.

Also, on the pre-order menu, we have our Italian ham and gruyere quiche, perfect weekend fare. It lasts well in the fridge and takes only a moment to reheat in the oven.

For this week's main course, we will make one of my Winter favourites - Coq au Vin, made with organic chicken, braised with wine, herbs, local south-end sausage pancetta, and finished with buttery mushrooms. It's great on its own or with a simple mashed potato and salad.

We also have potato gratin on the pre-order menu this week, made as always with organic potatoes, organic cream, and aged cheddar; it is such an excellent Winter comfort dish.

On the sweet side, we're making chocolate mousse, available in 500ml jars. It's made with the best dark chocolate and organic cream.

We also have our organic blueberry and frangipane tarts with handmade almond frangipane and Summer blueberries we put away, nestled into a rich shortbread crust. Perfect for dessert or any time of day, and so lovely with a good cup of tea.

We look forward to seeing you in the shop this week!

P.S. We are releasing our holiday pre-order menu tomorrow, so please watch your inbox for that!

xo Haidee and the Woodshed team