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This Week At The Woodshed on Saltspring Island, November 9th

This Week at Woodshed - November 9th

As the weather brings blustery winds, our first light snow, and cozy times in front of the wood stove, we are settling into Autumn in the kitchen.

Pots of squash soup are simmering on the stove, with the warm fragrance of late-season local ginger sautéing in butter and dark chocolatey cakes baking in the oven. All of the good things.

We're preserving the last of the harvest so that we may enjoy the sun-soaked flavours all Winter. Drinking tea by the fire in the evening and reading our favourite cookbooks, we feel the excitement around our Winter and Christmas menu planning.

This week you will find all our favorite seasonal dishes in the shop from Wednesday to Sunday. We will make many Indian-inspired items this week, full of warming and immune-boosting spices. Coconut curry, organic chicken curry, lovely masala potatoes, raita, and golden turmeric rice will be on the menu.

We will also be baking our ginger cakes with late-season pears and lots of delightful chocolate desserts.

We are also showcasing a new collection of handmade charcuterie boards made by our eldest son Aliah Hart. Each one was handmade with love in our little family woodworking shop. They are perfect for charcuterie, appetizers, and so much more. We use them at home as chopping blocks and adore the organic beauty they add to our kitchen.

Also, in this shop this week, you'll find D’affinois Brie, one of the most elegant cheeses in the world. We import wheels from France and age them in our cooler until they are perfect. 

This cheeses mild, rich creamy flavor goes well with champagne and fresh fruit, fig chutney, fresh crusty bread or some thin crispy crackers. We adore pairing it with Saltspring kitchen jams and a Francis Bread baguette for a match made in heaven.

We look forward to seeing you in the shop and sharing our favourite dishes this week.

Happy Autumn!

Xo Haidee and the Woodshed Team