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This Week at Woodshed - October 17th

This Week at Woodshed - October 17th

As the Autumn harvest continues here on our little island, our kitchen is brimming with colour. Our kitchen overflows with baskets of herbs, flats of golden yellow and deep red tomatoes, bunches of fragrant herbs, the last of the sweet sun-ripened strawberries, and freshly cured garlic. 

The benches outside the kitchen door are piled high with gorgeous squash, just brought in from the field and full of endless possibilities. This week we will make another batch of squash and sage lasagne with decadent layers of roasted squash, handmade ricotta, buttery sauteed sage from our garden, and delicate pasta. It makes for a perfect Autumn dinner with a crisp salad and a well-chilled glass of white wine.

Also on the menu is soup! We’re serving golden pear and squash and fresh tomato and basil soups this week. The tomato is made with petite and beautiful just-harvested Roma tomatoes from Bullock Lake Farm. 

We also have Chicken a la Moutarde made with organic Chicken, finished with house-made creme fraiche and garden tarragon. This dish is reminiscent of rural France, family traditions, and the magical fragrance of freshly harvested tarragon. Enjoy it in a cozy autumn kitchen or on a picnic on one of the final sunny fall days.

This week's pre-order menu also includes fresh ginger pear cake that's decadent, warming, and gluten-free by default. It’s just better that way!

As I wrote this week's menu, my heart was full of gratitude for the abundance, dedication, and passion that the harvest represents.

Here's to a beautiful week full of Autumn sunshine and great food.

XO Haidee and the Woodshed team