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This Week At The Woodshed - March 20th

This Week At The Woodshed - March 20th

Here we are at the beginning of spring!

With every moment of sunshine, we can see the plants growing in our garden, with the first daffodils blooming and the lily bulbs eagerly pushing up through the soil.

In the kitchen, we are inspired to bring bright flavours and colours onto the menu!

We will make a lively French sorrel soup with gorgeous sorrel from our garden, tender leeks, and Yukon gold potatoes. Finished with a touch of organic cream, this soup makes a lovely lunch or dinner with a crisp green salad and a nice Francis Bread loaf.

This week we are also making spanakopita with wild nettles and handmade ricotta. Decadent and nourishing, we just can’t get enough of the wild nettles right now. This spanakopita will feed two or three people and just needs to be gently reheated.

We are making our yogurt herb garlic sauce to accompany the spanakopita. This great side dish will be in 500ml containers and goes very well with everything we are eating these days!

We will also have Greek lemon potatoes made with organic purple huckleberry potatoes drenched with great olive oil, fresh lemon, and herbs and then perfectly roasted.

House-marinated olives are back on the menu. These beauties are best enjoyed slightly warm on their own or with served with your favourite pre-dinner nibbles.

On the sweet side, we will be making banana cream pies with our handmade crème patisserie, organic bananas, and pâté briseè pastry. Topped with organic whipped cream, these decadent pies are eight inches round, and best enjoyed the day you take them home!

Flourless chocolate olive oil cake, flourless carrot cake with cream cheese frosting, and citrus olive oil cakes are also on the menu.
Many more great dishes are available for preorder ~ it’s going to be a wonderful week in the kitchen.

We are so happy to be cooking for you all again- as we patiently await the reopening of our shop, we are pleased to see you at the woodshed on King Road.

Here’s to a beautiful week of great food and Spring weather!

XO Haidee and The Woodshed Team