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This Week at Woodshed - February 19th

This Week at Woodshed - February 19th

As we enter mid-February, we see the first lovely signs of Spring. A moment of warm sun on our faces, tender green shoots coming up in the garden. Luxurious large leaves of kale unfurling, freezing still on the frosty mornings but by late afternoon sweet and ready for harvest.

This is a beautiful time of year, ripe with potential and longing for the upcoming warmer months. In the kitchen, we savour each sign of Spring while still luxuriating in the richness of the food we put away last Autumn.

The dry beans from our neighbor's garden have inspired us with their beauty and sustenance all Winter, and the blackberry preserves have sweetened many desserts and early morning breakfast toasts.

Jane Squire's citrus has been a constant in our kitchen since early Winter; the overflowing platters of citrus filling our kitchen island have satisfied my yearning for something fresh and vibrant.

This week's menu is made up of some of our favourite dishes we have missed and just have to make for you, as well as a few dishes inspired by this in-between time of dark leafy greens and brightly coloured citrus.

Wishing you a beautiful week of great food and inspiration.

XO Haidee and the Woodshed Team