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This Week Woodshed Provisions Fine Food Shop - Saltspring Island

This Week at Woodshed - November 23rd

As we settle into late November, there's a buzz of excitement around the shop as we see Francis Bread's incredible new bakery being built beside us. We can't wait!

Our expansion plans are also taking shape, with the first phase being our lovely new glass doors going in this week. This will add so much light and beauty during the upcoming Winter months.

As we dream about our new, more extensive shop and kitchen space, we are very excited about the potential new menus that we will be able to create. There are days when the construction is quite busy on-site, but we are open!

We will continue our regular hours of Wednesday through Saturday, 10-5, and Sunday, 10-3, except for Christmas Day and New Year's Day.

We are grateful for our favourite fishing family, Dane, and Becky, with the Pacific Prowler this week. Our freezers are full of beautiful Wild spring salmon and ling cod, a whole Winter's worth of chowder.

This week in the shop, we will have our Wild spring salmon chowder on the menu and our Moroccan fish soup, brimming with late-season fennel and roasted tomatoes. Both of these soups are also available for preorder.

We're also preparing a lovely Sicilian chicken dish with roasted aubergine, fennel, and our preserved tomatoes. Rich and heart-healthy in true Sicilian style, this dish is available for preorder along with perfect roast potatoes. These are cooked until tender, then crushed lightly with rosemary from the garden and excellent olive oil before being roasted to perfection. They'll just need a few moments in your hot oven to crisp up again.

We've also got cheesecake on the menu, either classic New York Style with local lemon curd from Jane Squire's garden or with a decadent layer of chocolate ganache on top. Our cheesecakes are gluten-free with a crust of ground walnut and almond, perfect for 2 to 4 people to share.

We look forward to seeing you in the shop this week and can't wait to share our favourite dishes with you.

XO Haidee and the Woodshed Team