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This Week at Woodshed - November 16

This Week at Woodshed - November 16

What a lovely sunny week we have had. The warm, golden Autumn sunlight streaming into our kitchen is heartwarming and helpful as the days start to feel colder.

The kitchen this week is full of warming soups, fragrant and nourishing. It is officially soup season!

This week we will be featuring Tuscan white bean and kale soup, a Greek red lentil full of rosemary from our garden and fresh lemon, and borscht made with local harvest beets and fresh dill from Duck Creek Farm. We're also simmering a lovely ginger squash soup with roasted heritage squash and caramelized local ginger. More soups will be available if you drop into the shop.

We also have many of our favourite entrees on the go this week. We cooking an aromatic beef curry with grass-fed beef and organic potatoes, lasagne bolognese, roasted vegetable lasagne with greens from our garden, our Italian style meatballs with grass-fed beef and red sauce, and so much more!

We started baking cheesecakes last week for the shop, and we are excited to continue! These lovely cheesecakes are made with local organic eggs, good cream cheese, and a gluten-free ground almond crust and are the perfect size to feed 2-4 people. We are adding seasonal embellishments such as local harvest citrus curd, candied ginger, dark chocolate ganache, roasted sugar pumpkin, and spices.

We have another batch of our 48-month-old Jamon Serrano all packaged up for the beginning of the holiday season, our lovely 24-month-old grana Padano cheese, and other charcuterie additions.

We're excited to be planning a wonderful holiday menu as we get closer to December.

We look forward to seeing you.

XO Haidee and the Woodshed team